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30 WOnderful Days in Gods’ Hands


I have opened my site for hours, I just do not know what to say.I  can’t still put anything in this blank page. All I know is I need to put how God made us through in 30 days.

Now, exactly 1:00 am ..a month ago, without any memory in my mind. A big impact in our lives as a couple really came to pass. Janrey can tell you every detail. Continue reading “30 WOnderful Days in Gods’ Hands”

A Meaningful Day Out with Super Moms and SUNLIFE.


This Saturday is so different from the others, I was just so excited for this event, for the first time being able to the  ” Mom’s Day Out” by SUNLIFE. I am a mother of two for 4 years and a half so still a long way to go for me.

The event was held in Park Inn – Radisson, I arrived early in the event area so I had this opportunity to be pampered first by the 15 minutes heavenly massage by Elysia and enjoyed glorious food as snacks plus a new friend Maan with me. Freebies were given to all attendees. Belo Baby, Celeteque, Messy Bessy, Working Mom, and of course Sun-Sun of Sun Life were among the freebies provided in the goodie bags. It was indeed a Mom’s Day Out.




Self – Care – this two word sometimes, super moms nowadays neglect to do it may be intentional or unintentional. But the truth is ” You can never give anything if you don’t have it “.- Michelle Alignay. Balanced Motherhood is important.

We are so blessed aside from being pampered, SUNLIFE  gave us this two powerful moms in their own field of expertise as our speakers. First is Miss Michelle Alignay, she is a registered psychologist, registered guidance counselor, part-time lecturer, author, speaker, mom, and wife rolled into one.according to her, she’s a MOM, Master of Multi tasking. True enough – and this made me realize, that if you can’t care for yourself enough, you can’t care about the love of your life fully. The concept of being so so selfless is the concept of the oldies, and I grew up thinking that I would do the same. Thanks to these wonderful speakers for making me realize this. Here are some points that Millennial Moms must remember.

In order to have a balanced life as a mom, you need this three things to have the harmony.


a.Affirm your goodness

b. Release control of things beyond you

c.Saying “no” is okay.

d.Feeling happy and satisfied is normal.

d.Relinquish some tasks that stress you


a.During emotional highs: pause

b.Ditch the guilt

c.Choose to love more (or love from a distance)

d.Be silly with the kids

e.Make your marriage matter


a.Choose to rest or sleep (over cleaning up)

b.Give yourself an extra 10-minute shower

c.Put a little color in your fact

d.Find a spot to reflect e.Find a daily physical activity.

e.Find a daily physical activity.


The second speaker is  Sunlife cluster head, Mylene Almonte. A super mom too. Her words for this afternoon kept my practical side of mind awake since she was really speaking reality. Maybe I just so care free about the future endeavors of my two daughters since they are still 4 and 1 but, uh uh, I was wrong. It’s better for me to start as early as now. If there is a perfect time to prepare for that, that is now. And thanks to Sunlife for having a plan that is so efficient and friendly for us moms.

The reality is happening,  annually. college tuition fees for the top schools in the Philippines today amounts to an average of Php 150,000 and this normally increases to an average of 2.5-12.5% a year. So with a kind of job, we have now, my husband and me, having just a so so salary, we can’t afford to send them to this top universities if they like.By the time my two daughters will be in college (so that would be about 20 years from now), college tuition fee that will be close to a million.

Indeed it’s a blessing that Sun Life has this program called, My Future Fund (MFF). This will enable parents to save money now for the future of our kids. My Future Fund is also not an exclusive educational plan but any future fund, whatever your purpose may be.

This made me so eager to prepare for the future aside from being mindful and taking care of myself as a giver. Also to give some to me. I’m sure my two kids will thank me for this. Truly this is the best and meaningful Moms Day out so far! Thanks to Sunlife Financial.

This video means a lot to me, I just can’t help my tears from falling this is what being a mommy. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.


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For more information, visit Sun Life Financial PH website or facebook page. Or you can talk to any Sunlife Financial Advisors near you.


Continue reading “A Meaningful Day Out with Super Moms and SUNLIFE.”

The Less traveled Journey: Homeschooling

I myself is so fanatic of celebrating Anniversaries, I think it’s an act of celebrating God’s grace and goodness in our lives as a family,  and to my self.  It’s been a year when I really pursued homeschooling to my child Kayleb since I was pregnant that time with my second child Ezrael.baba2

But before that, thinking and looking for good pre-school for her was so exhausting for some reasons. I know I am a nomad, as well as to my family, 2016, the Lord positioned us in Kidapawan to work in God’s vineyard there, unknowingly what will happen next.Maybe that was the time that I really accepted the call 100% in my heart that this is me, my family and if God is using us this way, so let it be. But in my case, Kayleb is growing so fast and her hunger for learning grows too.  new

I have heard of homeschooling the for the first was when I watched the movie “THE END OF THE SPEAR” this movie, is one of my favorites, it is a story of young missionaries who gave there lives in the work of the Lord. That times I was just so curious how this lovely family eventually managed to bring their children to the mission field while learning.Some children even earned degrees after long years, maybe you watch the movie for yourself. So I researched online, I joined Groups, studied in youtube, uncle google and so on. I was so desperate to know because I am into 70% of doing it already, I don’t want my children to be enrolled in a school and afterward, will transfer to another place, I know how heartbreaking that was, been there too. My husband who is really supportive, even he can’t understand my “trip-trip”, well, supported me all the way.  July 2016, I found Davao Homeschoolers page on Facebook, I asked some people about homeschooling, and learned that there is already an existing Homeschool support group, which is the Lighthouse Homeschool Network. It may be impossible for us to join, with my character, I will do it. I had a friend who entertained me, she was an angel ate Mei , she entertained me, and even ask her how could I enter LHN, before having her answer, I already communicated the LHN Head Ptr. Vic Bernales, asking him, I want to join and ventilated some sentiments why I strongly want a support system. They accepted my family and invited for a Quarterly Teacher meeting at Alentajan’s home. In our financial situation that time, I managed to save money for us to travel to Davao City for about 3 hours from Kidapawan City. I have this strong feeling that the Lord is calling me to do this even in adversaries. baba3

I know it was the Lord who guided and provided for us that time, this is not ours, it will not be us. I don’t have any power to control the future especially to my children’s lives, but I know aside from Accepting Christ as my savior, having Janrey as my husband, HOmeschooling is the best decision I ever had. Everything is so blurred to us that time, I don’t even know what to do and how to start, but there is peace inside.That first step of faith for us leads us to this very wonderful journey right now. I met a lot of Godly mentors, I will mention some of my spiritual mentor in homeschooling, Ate Cathy Bernales, Ate Kathie Ponla, te Ingrid, te Mei,  te Rejoice, Te Flora. They have extended so much time for me to be educated. I have put my enthusiasm and excitement in this journey already since I know I am not alone. baba4

Kayleb is 4 and Ezrael is 1 1/2, still long way to go. I admit I am also in the process of learning, each day is also a battle in the Lord, each day I always cry for help, to give me patience and joy. At the end of the day, there is Joy, seeing your daughter praying before they sleep, having a good fellowship with them in the morning Worshiping and Praising Jesus, no words to describe. It is just my prayer that in everything that I do as a wife, a mother of two, God will find me faithful. This journey is not easy and this is not for everybody, but it’s my joy to have my friends with me like my Ptra. Charity and ate Oyen. I will be happier if families will know what is the core reason why we chose this path. 20495871_539761906391329_2132360143_o

With my Pre-K/Kinder Warrior mommies/sisters. I am so proud of you, we are amongst the brave risks takers. Thank you for your enthusiasm in our group, let us not stop doing the right thing for our kids, after all, they are not ours, they are the Lord’s, we just have to be a good steward and prepare them to their God given destiny. That they will Love the Lord with all their heart and their soul.20205815_10155804035603690_1036416768_o

Happy Anniversary to us Curato family – because it is God’s victory in our family.

Good parenting is Good Homeschooling. Intentional Parenting. ❤ TO GOD BE THE GLORY.